By popular demand, here are the lyrics to all of the songs off our album, ‘ 4 days and 40 years’, PLUS other Mo Nelson Band original tunes. These songs are very personal to me and I hope you will feel the same way and make each one of them your own. Thank you again for supporting us and local music. We couldn’t do it without you! – Mo


mamma told me to look both ways
and stay away from all those dangerous game
i should have listened to her words
she tried to warn me about little girls like you

now i’m gone but i don’t think i’ll be down for long

she told me you’d come around when I was weak
and you will tempt me with those non christian things
what’s a little boy like me suppose to do
you drive me wild with those adult things you do

and i’ll dive a thousand miles for you and i’ll take a shot or two
and i’ll do what my momma won’t approve all for you

    amy’s song

i came rolling into your life with something to prove
i wanted to make you believe i was someone new
i might be ruff around the edges you know i’m not that smooth
just go and take a chance on me you have nothing to lose

you know it won’t always be all roses and dream
but at the end of the day you’ll see

because i love you i need you i want every day with you in my life

sometimes i really do some dumb thing like forgetting birthdays and anniversaries
like diving head first into a frozen pond i’ll do anything for you
you know that you’re the center of my life and i want you to love me for all your life
i do i do do i’ll do the same for you i swear i love you

    he’s better for you

woke up this morning all alone by the wrong end of the telephone
you were telling me you found someone new
maybe he’s taller and got more hair you know i don’t even care
but that’s ok he’s better for you

he’s better for you
it’s going to be a long day and a longer night and that’s even if i sleep tonight
but if i do it won’t me with you
he’s probably taking you out on the town
to the places i won’t be around like those high falutant joints downtown
and you’re probably putting on that little black dress
you know the one that i bought instead of playing the rent but that’s ok i like by van
it hauls my gear heading down the road and no matter where i’m at i’m always home
but that’s ok he’s better for you

i’m probably being a little cynical here but he doesn’t know what he has to fear
oh he’ll find out of he’ll find out
see one of your faces will have a fit and take it out on whatever she wants to hit
but that’s ok he’s better for you

    silly love song

every time i think about you i forget the time’s i was blue
and never want to go back to those days
you’re like a summer breeze coming in off some foreign sea
and i love the sunlight on my soul

maybe some day we’ll find a way i can make you my wife
but you know i will love you with all my life

let’s take the run down ford we can head off to the shore
and we can kick our shoes off and play in the sand
with the palm trees swaying and the sailboats off sailing
we can lay on the beach and make love by the stars

10 years have come and gone yesterday don’t seem so long
since i found the words to say to you

    morning light

i got two dollars in my pocket and a few bucks on a card
and i wonder if my car will even make it back to omaha
i wonder if she’ll let me in if i came to her door
i have to see i have to try to go and save this all

and wonder i have to see if she still cares for me

it’s been twenty years or more now since last time that we spoke
it was something about growing up and stop thinking life’s a joke
i’ve had my share of run in’s and i’ve had my share of pain
but none of the hurt as dad as the day she cursed my name

if i drive all night maybe i’ll make it before the morning light
and i’ll walk up to that door and cry oh lordy lord we will see

oh it makes me wonder what i’ll see and it makes me wonder oh i believe
or it makes me wonder who i’ll be


well i’m riding out the storm and i’m so far from home oh i’m drowning
with the lighting and the wind and the rain coming down again oh i’m drowning
we’ll maybe you’ll see your life with me
and i’ll drive all night just to be by our side
so tell me it will be all right and you want me back tonight
and i’ll let this storm blow me on back home

neither of us will win and we know what we get when we’re lying
the clouds are getting dark and we know it won’t be long before we’re crying
oh maybe you’ll see your life with me
and i’ll drive all night just to be by your side
so go and tell me you want me back and i’m ok with that
and i’ll let this storm blow me on back home

the road is getting slick and i don’t know where i am
just one call from you will send to where i began

    wicked rest

heading down this dusty road trying to find the rest of my soul
and i don’t think i’ll be back again
debris and innocence things that i must have left in that no name town to the west

i guess there’s no rest wicked rest

all the lies i told and all the shows i’ve shown
and all the things i’ve done to live
what if i was a different man someone lesser might i stand
maybe someone better will begin

tell me what i need to do i didn’t mean to be that unfair to you
tell me where i go to hide this road is running desperately dry

show me what i need to see everything done to me all the shit piled on me
all the lies and broken hearts everything i’ve torn apart needs to come back to me

    strong and the proud

when i was a little boy i dream of big men
i wanted to fly across this land just as fast as anyone can
but i picked up this old guitar started playing out my heart
and i’ll never forget the strong and the proud

strong and the proud

daddy sailed in hostile seas my grandpa flew over omaha beach
and i have some friends today in the sand
oh when november comes we remember all the ones we lost
and the ones that fight for us to be free

out in the country side underneath where old glory flies my momma lays
with other mother’s sons they stand guard over us and they keep us all
strong and proud


as i sit here on my couch in this big old empty house
in a city that moves way to fast for me
what if i don’t like this life maybe i’ll go back to my wife
maybe i should go back to my old homestead mississippi

what if i walked down main street would anyone recognize me
what if i stopped in johnson’s barber for a shave
with the magnolias in bloom and the sweetness of their perfume
oh it takes me back to the days when i was ten mississippi

under the old oak tree where i confessed my love
with the sun setting over the old cotton crops
she was the first i ever knew she never knew what i would do
i was just a freckled boy with dreams mississippi

what if i walked down to the edge and i stuck my face right in
and i let the muddy water wash away my sins
with the preacher holding me he’ll help me understand
that i’ll never be the same man again mississippi

mississippi oh my home mississippi where i’ll grow old

    to drunk too drink

Oh it’s been one of those weeks
you know the kind that comes up and kicks you right in the teeth
they shut that damn plant down
it wasn’t much, just the last job in this town
that’s ok, so what by me just give me some whiskey
and some great company

Oh it’s hard, Oh so hard
Oh when life hits you like a wrecking ball
so raise your glass and toast with me
let’s get Too Drunk To Drink

she said she would stay through the good and the bad
but she just left with a friend of my dad’s
oh it could be worse, I could go home and find my trailer burned
that’s ok, I’ll survive, just give me some tequila and a bunch of buddies of mine

they say liquor makes you sicker
but I’m sure Jager makes it better
so go on, drink up son
cause tomorrow won’t be any fun
but I’m glad to say, that I’m not at home
watching Oprah and missing all this fun!

    your dosey doe

Well it’s another saturday night
you’re holding down the bar
you say you don’t love him
and you forgot who you are

you say I make you laugh
with my stupid little jokes
you love my old cowboy hat
and my road weary boots

say, you don’t even know my name
you kinda like it that way

and if I don’t do it all for you
at least I know a thing of two
I’ve been at this rodeo a couple times
we can two-step out all night
underneath the neon lights
or we can dance it all nice and close
just tell me where you want my hands to go
it’s your dosey doe

You say you don’t want to go home
but you really can’t stay here
you shouldn’t be a around
cause his buddies hang out here

well, we can take that bottle of jack
and head off down to the lake
we can do a little moon light dancing
while listening to some old George Strait

say, I don’t even know your name
and you want to keep it that way

I know a place down the road
were we can go be alone

just show me where you want my hands to go
I promise, no one will ever know
this is your, dosey doe

    one step

50 miles outside of nashville
is where she broke my heart
a little blonde haired philly girl
with eyes of smoke

I’ve got all my thoughts all tied up
in this old beat up truck
I hope that it takes me
to where lonely hearts go

oh those dreams
all those passionate dreams
always come back to hurt you again
so I’ll do my best
to say one step ahead of them

It never seems to help
all the alcohol and dope
it never seems to less’n
the pain or the hope

maybe someday
she’ll come back again
cause the flame never fades
but the addition remains

    tired of playing me

Sometimes I drink a little too much
sometimes I smoke a little too much grass
I’ve been know to cause a little trouble
and I’ve been seen, being handed my ass

Life in this town is a ragged
everyone one knows my game
I get called out on my business
and you know that’s not a good kind of fame

you know I want to be one of those actors
like those good old boys up on that screen
oh cause life is loosing it’s luster
cause you know
I’m tired of playing me

Oh what if I made it different
maybe i’ll cut off my hair and grow a stash
head to LA and tell them I’m from paris
they just won’t know it’s paris tennessee

I want to get all those big parts
that make me larger than life
I want be Roy, wayne or Autry
oh I want to be under those lights

Oh I’m not saying it’s bad to be me
I just want to be someone else for awhile
like a cowboy, astronaut or villain
cause I’m tired of playing the clown

    romeo in austin

Go if you want to
only leaving dust behind
take the left at the fork
and leave this worried life behind
I wouldn’t blame you
if you never call again
it’s not what you wanted
but I don’t feel the same

oh it’s everything I do
to bring love to me and you
oh I’m just another romeo in austin

oh I tried so many times
I just hang my head and cry
cause I’m just another romeo in austin

If you go ask me
I got 3 mouths to feed
and I don’t get this in by spring
oh we’ll starve
so run off if you like
I don’t have the will to fight
and we’ll be here should you fall

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